The superannuation industry is navigating its way through significant challenges.

The industry is simultaneously dealing with the remediation of historical issues, implementing transformational reforms, managing business as usual and realigning strategy to ensure members’ best interests are the key focus.

Superannuation leaders have to recognize:

  • The industry will become increasingly competitive
  • Fund purpose will need to be clearly articulated
  • Members need to be at the centre of everything they do to deliver better member outcomes.

1WordFlow helps Superannuation leaders address their most critical issues from cost reduction to customer complaint management.

Responsiveness to Regulators

Meeting regulator information requests in increasingly tight time frames is a significant challenge. Critical resources are diverted to manual review of documents and collation of the fund response.

1WordFlow’s unique conversion technology automatically digitises all your documents, and presents these as digital web pages. In this process, our software classifies every page of every document, showing the key terms on every page.

1WordFlow eliminates manual searching and comparison of documents.

1WordFlow delivers a significant reduction in time taken to formulate the Fund response.

Simplifying Process Change

In a highly competitive market trustee need to reduce operational and product complexity. Managing process change with analogue documents is slow, manual and error-prone.

1WordFlow transforms all documents to digital format, enabling a web-based collaboration based upon a standard workflow.

Roles and authorisations are assigned, and all actions are tracked and recorded. Approved documents are published as digital web pages, and simultaneously stored in the document management system.

1WordFlow eliminates manual process change management, saving time and reducing cost.

Fully Digital Member Communication

Critical items of member communication, such as a PDS, are still produced and distributed in PDF format, requiring long downloads and scrolling. This is a poor member experience.

1WordFlow automatically transforms Product Disclosure Statements to dynamic, searchable web pages.

Members can navigate directly to the page or section they need, search on key terms with one click, and translate the content to the language of their choice. The signed PDS is stored in a member-specific URL, ensuring a permanent digital record.

1WordFlow eliminates PDF downloads with digital documents.

Digital Customer Complaints Management

Internal dispute resolution is a critical issue. Member complaints are complex, involve multiple parties and possibly complex trust deed interpretations.

1Wordflow enables superannuation funds to manage complaints in a fully digital environment – thus reducing time to resolution.

1WordFlow Digital customer complaints management converts all relevant documents to digital format and enables the creation of a workflow for engaging with all the relevant parties to the complaint in a web collaboration.

1WordFlow reduces Internal Dispute Resolution time in a fully digital environment.

Reduced Meeting Governance Costs

A significant cost in fund governance is meeting management – preparation of papers, distribution, the conduct of meetings and records management.

1WordFlow’s Meeting Management Solution – Egenda - converts all meeting papers to web format, accessible anywhere on any device – online and offline – in a totally secure environment.

Egenda manages the end to end meeting process - from document creation to approval, publishing, minuting and archiving of completed meetings.

With no per-user licence fees, Egenda is affordable for all sizes of funds – and cuts meeting management costs in half.

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