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Department of Education Transforms Policies and Procedures Management

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Making the NSW Department of Education’s 150+ policies and procedures accessible to department staff, teachers, administrators, students and parents. The documents were stored as PDFs on the Department’s website and intranet.

Implement 1WordFlow Policies Re-Imagined  

A vastly improved user experience – with up to date digital policies easily accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device for staff, educators and members of the public.

The Challenge

The NSW Department of Education and Communities is the largest provider of public education and training in Australia.

The Department administers over 150 distinct policies covering every aspect of delivery of their services.

Each policy has accompanying procedures and guidelines for implementation.

The process for authoring, review, publishing, and updating of these documents was extremely cumbersome involving multiple systems, multiple formats, and multiple channels of distribution.

The user experience was extremely poor in terms of access, search effectiveness and currency of information.

The Solution

1WordFlow Policies Re-imagined

  • Converted all policies, procedures and related documents to digital format
  • Implemented a simple workflow to enable users to more easily author, approve, publish and update policy documents

The Department now imports, coverts and publishes policies and procedures to Word, web and mobile simultaneously.  Users no longer have to download long documents.

All policies, procedures, guidelines are linked, mobile optimised and WCAG 2.0 accessible.

WordFlow Policies Re-Imagined is fully integrated with the TRIM document management system and SharePoint CMS.

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