Digital Policies and Procedures
Integrating Policies, Regulation, Learning and Compliance

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Digital Integration of Policies and Procedures, Regulations, Learning Management and Compliance Reporting for a Major Insurer

1WordFlow Policies Re-Imagined – full digital integration of regulation, policies, learning and compliance 

The Challenge

A major general insurance company was facing significant challenges in regulatory compliance – aligning policies and procedures with regulation and integrating learning management and attestation. 

All the required content was in analogue format and the systems were disconnected. Staff had to search for and download PDF documents from the intranet. Policies were not linked to procedures or the relevant regulations.

Often decisions were being made on out of date documents, exposing the organisation to risk.

The Learning Management System was not integrated with the policies and procedures repository, limiting opportunities for continuous knowledge development.

The Solution

1WordFlow implemented Policies Re-imagined
In 6 simple steps
1. Created fully digital policies and procedures

We converted all policies and procedures documents to dynamic web pages.

As a result, employees had instant access to up-to-date policies anywhere and on any device.

4. Enabled Automatic Comparison with Regulation

We converted all the relevant regulation to digital format.

We automatically highlight where policies and procedures are impacted by regulatory change.

2. Built A Simple Management Console – integrated with SharePoint

We built a management console incorporating workflow to update and publish policies and procedures.

The console is fully integrated with SharePoint Online, enabling simultaneous publishing to the site and SharePoint.

5. Integration with Learning Management Systems

Staff can now test their knowledge at any time while accessing a policy or procedure.

Knowledge tests can be either voluntary or mandated as required.

3. Implemented Detailed Analytics

With digital policies and procedures the organisation can now track and analyse precisely how every document is being used – to the page level.

They now have deep insight into exactly how the documents are consumed

6. Built in attestation to  Regulatory Authorities

Integration of policies and procedures with learning enables testing of staff comprehension at any time.

Attestation to regulatory authorities is reported directly from the knowledge test database.

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