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Future Transport Plans Made Digital and Accessible


Making Future Transport for NSW Plans Accessible online to encourage community feedback 

Implement 1WordFlow Transform – convert 1500 pages from PDF to digital web pages.

Implement 1WordFlow React to gather real time sentiment from the community.

  • 118,000 pages views in one month – increased from only 200 downloads in the prior 3 months
  • 75% cost saving on manual conversion 
  • 60,000 sentiment readings collected

The Challenge

Future Transport NSW is responsible for planning the NSW Transport Strategy for the next 40 years. This strategy encompassed developing over 15 complex plan documents, covering ports, rail and road.

The Plans all exceeded 100 pages; highly complex documents with images, tables, text, schedules.

Future Transport needed to make these plans accessible for community feedback.

But the plans had been put on the Future Transport website as PDFs, and required long downloads. They were not mobile or web friendly.

As a result, there were fewer than 200 downloads over a 3 month period. The community was neither engaged nor informed.

The Solution

1WordFlow Transform converted Future Transport plans to digital web pages in 2 weeks.

As digital web pages, community members were able to:

Government Success Story 2-min

WordFlow React captured real time feedback from the community.

1WordFlow React enabled readers to give real time feedback on the plans using an emoji scale.

50% of visitors gave feedback on the plans, directly from the page being read.

The State Government gathered vital community sentiment, by location and time of response.

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