1WordFlow Policies Reimagined

Policies and Procedures – Instant access to any page, on any device, in any language

The need for effective policies and procedures to manage Governance, Risk and Compliance has never been more important. With 1WordFlow Policies Re-imagined, your policies and procedures become dynamic, enriched web pages, accessible anywhere, and on any device.

1WordFlow Policies Re-Imagined – Measurable Impact

Save time, reduce cost and Oprisk with Policies Re-imagined

30 seconds

To convert a 30 page policy of procedure to intelligent web pages. Convert all your policies and procedures to a single digital platform in just weeks.

5 Editions

Policies and procedures accessible on any device - via Internet, Intranet, Mobile Online, Mobile Offline and Print – all from a single document.


Estimated time saved per day searching for the up to date version of a policy or procedure.


Improve compliance

Version control issues are eliminated. Decisions are made on the up to date version of policies and
procedures. Automatic comparison to relevant regulations to measure compliance.

Enhance Customer Experience and Employee Engagement

Updates in real time ensure customers and employees are fully informed at all times.

Employee Experience
Increased Efficiency

Increase Productivity

Eliminate unproductive time searching for up to date documents. Support your Multi-lingual workforce with critical content in their language of choice.

1WordFlow Policies Re-Imagined Features


Available anywhere, anytime and on any device. Remote workers have instant access on their mobile device.

Integration Icon

Fully Integrated with SharePoint

A user friendly interface to SharePoint manages retrieval, workflow and version control.

Cloud Based

Always Up to Date

No version control or out of date content. Updates in minutes, not days.


Detailed Analytics

Fully integrated with your LMS and GRC systems to measure and report on compliance.

Automatically Linked

Every policy linked to related procedures and regulations.

Completely Secure

Access to Policy documents is protected with multi-factor authentication and your organisational security protocols.

How 1WordFlow Policies Re-Imagined Works

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