1WordFlow Comply

Compliance from the “Inside-out”

1WordFlow Comply converts every regulation, policy and procedure to digital web format.
Comply eliminates the “outside-in” manual approach in applying regulation to policies.
With 1WordFlow Comply, organisations can automatically identify how every regulation affects every policy and procedure.

1WordFlow Comply – The Fully Digital GRC Solution

Save time, reduce cost and improve compliance

30 seconds

Time saved each day by compliance teams by eliminating the need to manually compare policies and regulations.


Reduction in human error in manual comparison of policies, procedures and regulations.


Cost savings from all content in a single location. Reduces search time, version errors and number of user licenses.

Improve Compliance

Reduce Compliance Risk

Automated comparison of policies and procedures with regulations enables fast identification and amendment of any non-compliant practices.

Empower Your Workforce

A common digital platform ensures policies and procedures are always up to date and available anywhere, anytime and on any device for your dispersed workforce.

Compliance Checklist
Boost Productivity

Improve Productivity

1WordFlow Comply relieves skilled analysts from time consuming manual work, to focus on high value compliance management tasks. Changes in regulations trigger an immediate notification to review associated policies and procedures.

1WordFlow Comply Features


Available anywhere on any device. Dispersed workers access from any location. Fully compliant with WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards.

Integration Icon

Fully Integrated with SharePoint

A user friendly interface to SharePoint manages retrieval, workflow and version control.

Fast Implementation

No hardware or software issues – all infrastructure in the cloud.


No human error arising from manual alignment of policies to regulatory obligations.

Automatic Linking & Classification

Every policy linked to related procedures and regulations. Every page automatically classified and tagged.

Instantly Translated

With a single click, all web pages are translated into any one of 100 languages.

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