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At 1WordFlow we were delighted to hear about the new Federal Government’s commitment to transparency.

And yet, while the transparency portal has been in place for several years, its repository of PDF downloads is anything but transparent. Finding required content on the portal requires downloading and scrolling through documents sometimes 500 or more pages in length.

Further, these reports are available in English only, are non-accessible for those with a disability and do not work well on mobile devices.

It is not real transparency, when audiences cannot find the content or where it is not delivered in a form they can understand.

Real transparency is achieved when:

– anyone can search the entire knowledge base and
– instantly access any page of any document
– in any language, on any device as well as
– navigate easily to related documents.

1WordFlow technology delivers full transparency by generating a digital twin (or web view) of the source document that allows instant access to any page without downloading and scrolling.

Take the Aged Care Royal Commission Report for example. The source PDF was over 3,000 pages in length and spread over 7 volumes. However, in less than a day, our digital twin technology transformed this massive document into an easy to navigate, publicly available website:

Similarly, with the RCEP Free Trade Agreement, digital twin technology provides easy multilingual access to any page of this comprehensive document with easy filtering by industry, country or legal framework. (

Whether it’s integrity, international agreements, annual reports or budget estimates, the public is demanding Transparency. The good news is that digital twin technology can efficiently deliver Transparency today.

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