1WordFlow Welcomes Scale Facilitation to Sydney

1WordFlow Team with Kirsty Barany

1WordFlow was delighted to host a welcome event on Monday 27th February for Scale facilitation. We welcomed Kirsty Barany and the Scale Facilitation team to the Stone and Chalk Start Up Hub in Sydney.

Scale Facilitation commented it was exciting to see how much talent and innovation is being developed in Sydney. They are eager to cultivate a close relationship with founders, investors and contribute to this growing entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We commend the Access New York program to the start up community. The Program offers innovative startups and small-medium enterprises around the world access to the vast resources and advantages that New York and Scale Facilitation® can provide. Learn more at https://www.scalefacilitation.com/.

Bruce Wren and Caroline Trotman with Kirsty Barany

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