Ensuring your Dispersed Workforce can Access Critical Information

The Challenge

Dispersed working creates multiple challenges in information management and access
  • Ensuring all staff have instant access to up to date critical information
  • Ensuring security of corporate knowledge
  • Ensuring operational risk is managed
  • Ensuring dispersed workers are not disadvantaged due to access issues

20% - 25% productivity improvement

resulting from providing staff with online access to critical information.

(Source: AIIM – Capitalizing on Content)

The Solution

1WordFlow Policies Re-Imagined

Transforms all your policies and procedures to digital web pages.
  • Accessible anywhere and on any device.
  • Updates published in real time
  • Dispersed workers always have access to the latest version
  • Security of critical information assured – staff access the digital twin
  • Eliminates local copies of corporate content

1WordFlow Policies Re-Imagined Features


Available in real time anywhere, and on any device.

Integration Icon

Fully Integrated with SharePoint

A user friendly interface to SharePoint manages retrieval, workflow and version control.

Always Up to Date

No version control or out of date content. Updates in minutes, not days.


Detailed Analytics

Fully integrated to test, measure and report on compliance.

Automatically Linked

Every policy linked to related procedures and regulations.

Completely Secure

Access is protected with your organisational security protocols.

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