Creating a Brilliant CX with Digital Product Information – Online in Real-Time


The Problem

Product and Disclosure documentation, a mandatory inclusion in every sale of every financial services product – is presented to customers in PDF format.
  • Customers are forced into long downloads
  • Documents are not mobile friendly
  • Terms and conditions cannot be easily read or searched
  • Updated versions are only available as PDF or physical documents


of consumers said they preferred to use digital documents over paper documents because they are more convenient.

(Source: DocuSign)

The Solution

1WordFlow Transform

1WordFlow Transform automatically converts all your product information into digital web format in real time.
  • Searchable
  • Mobile friendly
  • Updates in real time
  • No downloads
  • Consume on any device in any language
  • Fully WCAG 2.1 compliant
  • A 50-page PDS instantly transformed into a 50-page website in minutes.
  • A travel insurance policy available anywhere in the world on a mobile.
  • A product manual easily accessible in any device – fully searchable

1WordFlow Transform Features

Up to Date


A 100-page document becomes a 100-page website or intranet pages in 2-3 minutes.

User Interface

User Friendly

No technical skill is required. If you can use Word, you can use 1WordFlow Transform.

Integration Icon


Integrated with all popular Content Management Systems – SharePoint, WordPress, Drupal, OpenText



Suitable for small business through to large enterprises.


Cloud Based

Implementation is simple. No need for technical infrastructure

Cloud Based

Feature Rich

Includes translation into 100 languages, WCAG accessible, mobile optimised out of the box.

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