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How NPP Transformed the Customer Experience with a Digital Rules Library

About NPPA

NPP Australia is responsible for maintaining and developing the New Payments Platform (NPP) that enables real-time payment services to consumers, businesses and government agencies. NPP Australia Limited was formed in August 2014 to oversee the build, operation and management of the NPP, which went live in November 2017.

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The Challenges

NPPA’s participant organisations rely on the NPP Rules to understand and comply with the standards and requirements that apply as conditions of participation and connection to the New Payments Platform. The NPP Rules comprise the NPP Regulations, NPP Procedures, Guidance Notes, Back Office Design Considerations, and MPS Implementation Guide.

The NPP Rules library was stored in the NPPA Portal, as standalone PDF documents. NPPA participants downloaded documents from the portal and manually referred to each document in turn.

NPPA recognised the need to provide a better customer experience for their participants by transforming these documents from yesterday’s Word and PDF downloads, to a truly digital environment.

The Solution – 1WordFlow Transform

1WordFlow Transform enabled NPPA to create the digital NPP Rules library, making the NPP Rules documents available as digital web pages, accessible through the NPP Portal, on any device.

NPP Participants, Identified Institutions and Connected Institutions now enjoy:

One Standard format and No Downloads

All Documents Cross Referenced and Linked

Advanced Search

The Results

1WordFlow has transformed how NPP presents its Rules library;

“At NPPA we are delighted with the impact 1WordFlow has had on the NPP Rules library – moving us from yesterday’s Word and PDF to a truly digital environment. The implementation process was fast and efficient. The user interface is extremely user friendly and our team could commence publishing documents with minimal training using the 1WordFlow console. We have as a result significantly improved the customer experience for our Participants.”

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