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Meeting Management

Meeting Management

1WordFlow Egenda transforms meeting papers into interactive, secure websites.

In every organisation, there are a plethora of meetings – they are essential to governance and management.

But organisations struggle with the time and expense involved in managing meetings.

iPad apps have emerged as a solution, but they are little more than PDFs in an electronic box. Users are locked into the current meeting paper set, and cannot search topics across meetings.

And with per user licence fees, they are unaffordable beyond the board and a few committees.

Watch our short video showing how Egenda works.

There is a need for a meeting management solution that: 

  • Significantly reduces time and effort in meeting management 
  • Scales to meet the governance needs of organisations large and small 
  • Can be used anywhere on any device 
  • Is affordable from the smallest NFP to the largest enterprise. 

The Solution

Introducing 1WordFlow Egenda

The first web based meeting management solution

Egenda Diagram

Egenda transforms the end to end meeting management process.

Searchable Web Pages

Meeting papers are web pages, not PDFs.

Search a meeting topic across multiple meetings or click on related topics.

All information is one click away.

Fully Accessible

All current and past papers are easily accessible from the website and offline.

Read papers anywhere, anytime on any device. Papers are accessible on mobile and tablets.

Manages end to end meeting processes

From document creation to approval, publishing, minuting and archiving of completed meetings

Access Related Content Instantly

Content is cross linked to related reference materials such as constitutions, terms of reference and regulations.

Completely secure

Collation, editing and approval of papers is all done in a secure web environment.

Iron clad physical security and robust encryption comes standard.

Highly cost effective

No per user licence fees and no limit to the number of meetings

Affordable for all your meetings and all sizes of enterprise

Find out how Egenda can transform your meeting management. 

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