The Challenge

Product and Disclosure documentation is still trapped in analogue formats – Word and PDF documents

Most organisations invest in creating a seamless digital customer experience at the front end.

But when it comes to product documentation – Product Disclosure Statements, Manuals, Terms and Conditions – that’s where the digital experience ends – and analogue documents take over.

Customers are forced into long downloads of PDFs that were never designed for an online or mobile experience.

Worse still, customers are frequently required to accept terms and conditions that are almost impossible to read.

Customers are poorly informed at best, exposing your organisation to risk.
The documentation back end is a dismal customer experience.

The Solution

1WordFlow Transform

1WordFlow Transform automatically converts all your product information into digital web format – where any important information is a click or two away.

Searchable, mobile friendly content that your customer can easily navigate – going directly to the section they want, without downloading anything.


  • A 50-page product disclosure statement instantly transformed into a
    50-page website in minutes


  • A travel insurance policy available anywhere in the world on a mobile


  • A product manual easily accessible and searchable

Instant Navigation

The table of contents becomes the navigation for the web page

Automatic Classification

All key terms are classified in a tag cloud on every page

Simple Pagination

Eliminates scrolling through long pages of content


Instantly created with pop up definitions of key terms


All links to related documents automatically preserved

Automatic Translation

Over 100 languages

1WordFlow Transform is:


a 100-page document becomes 100 webpages in minutes.


We deliver content directly to all popular Content Management Systems

Cloud Based

Implementation is simple. No need for technical infrastructure.


1WordFlow works with small business through to large enterprises.

Rapid ROI

1WordFlow works with small business through to large enterprises.

Case Study

Travel Insurance Product Disclosure Statements Online

A major travel insurer wanted to improve customer satisfaction and reduce call volume to its call centre.

Analysis of customer enquiries to the call centre revealed that very few customers had read the product disclosure statements.

Customers did not truly understand what their insurance covered.

The company wanted to make these documents more accessible to their customers.

How 1WordFlow Helped

Transform the customer experience with Digital Insurance Contracts – our cloud based service is fast to implement.

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