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The legal industry is under pressure to deliver results faster and at a lower cost. Lawyers are increasingly leveraging technology to reduce costs, fix fees and improve profitability.

But technology is not just about cost-saving.

It’s about enabling highly skilled people to manage vast amounts of information they need to work efficiently.

Arguably the most tedious task for legal professionals is sifting through large volumes of documents to find and then utilise effectively the information they need. Typical challenges include

  • Effective work across standardized documents, guidance notes, templates and know-how
  • Sharing with multiple stakeholders
  • Documents stored across multiple folders and drives
  • Versioning and duplication problems
  • No linking of related content
  • Inconsistent metadata
  • Long downloads and endless scrolling

The cost to the law firm is high – and unsustainable – as new market entrants strive to compete with lower-cost structures and more efficient working practices.

1WordFlow has the solution to making all your documents easily accessible, searchable, and automatically linked to related content.

Introducing 1WordFlow Transform

All Your Documents Accessible in A Single Format

Our cloud-based service automatically transforms your repositories of Word and PDF documents into enriched web and intranet pages – at scale. 100 pages of content become 100 pages of digital web format in minutes.

How 1WordFlow Transform works

Every page has a unique URL and is accessible without downloads or long scrolling. And Every document can be automatically linked to related content – just one click away.


The major headings in the document automatically become the navigation for the web pages. Fast, single clicks to access any page.


All glossary terms are accessible via a pop- up definition. Eliminate any questions about the approved definition for a term. These definitions can be unique to your firm.

Automatic Classification

1WordFlow builds a tag cloud of key terms on every page, enabling fast, highly granular search for key terms

Section to Section Linking

Access a related document at the section level with a single click.


All document links, both internal and external, are preserved doing the conversion process. Related content is just one click away

Comparison of Related Content

Automatically compare a document with a related document, regulation standard or legislation. Side by side comparison displays comparison on a single web page.

1WordFlow Transform removes the time consuming manual work in locating, consuming and comparing legal documents. From standard forms to contracts to regulation and legislation, all documents are available on a single platform and instantly accessible.

There is no training overhead or new infrastructure required. WordFlow Transform is cloud based, scalable, and easy to implement.

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