Optimising Insurers for a Digital World.

Many insurance enterprises are still geared for a pre-digital world, with customer and internal documents still trapped in analogue Word and PDF formats.

Customers want an end-to-end digital experience tailored to their needs. But investments in digital have overlooked documents – the last frontier of digital transformation.

The biggest opportunity for digital in insurance is in the production of contracts.

Every day, around the world, insurers create millions of individual policies for customers in much the same way they have for decades – a semi manual process that can take several days.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Solution

Introducing Policy Power by 1WordFlow Dynamic Contract Creation in Minutes

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The 1WordFlow Insurance Suite

Dynamic Insurance Contracts

Policy Power automatically creates a web-based contract in a matter of minutes.
Policy Power dynamically assembles and auto-maps all variable, static and jurisdiction-specific content into an electronic Policy Packet. Policy Power then transforms the contract into digital web format, and assigns each contract a secure URL, unique to the customer.

Policies and Procedures

Policies Re-Imagined transforms policies and procedures into dynamic, enriched web pages, accessible anywhere, on any device, in over 100 languages. The software delivers one-click access to related content, manages version control and fully integrates with SharePoint.

Regulatory Compliance

Comply automatically transforms regulations into digital format. Comply identifies and maps policies and procedures against the relevant regulation and identifies the firm's obligations. The service measures compliance and manages attestation reporting.

Digital Documents

Transform automatically converts Word and PDF documents –product information, guidelines, and policies, etc - to mobile optimised web pages, eliminating downloads. All digital documents are automatically enriched with classification, tagging, linking, glossaries and powerful filtered search.

Data Extraction

Reveal automatically converts scanned documents to enriched web pages, extracting, analysing, and reporting on key data points.

Meeting Management

Egenda transforms meeting papers into fully-interactive, secure websites, available anywhere and on any device. Meeting agendas become the website navigation, enabling one click access to meeting papers and search across multiple meetings.

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