Our Digital Twin technology enables secure real time access, online, to the latest version of any document.

The legal industry is under increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity.
Investing in the right technology to automate manual work is critical.

A costly manual task for all legal professionals is in reviewing large volumes of documents to locate, organise and utilise the required information.
1WordFlow Transform is the solution to making all your documents easily accessible, searchable, and automatically linked to related content

1WordFlow Transform

1WordFlow Transform automatically converts your documents to enriched, secure, dynamic web pages.

Improved Productivity

Removes the time-consuming manual review and comparison of multiple documents. All documents on a single digital platform, instantly accessible online, on any device.

Lower Costs

Reduces the volume of high cost, low value work in document discovery and analysis.

Improved Client Service

Streamlining document processes enables client matters to be addressed faster, and at lower cost – improving profitability.

Fully Integrated Systems

1WordFlow Transform easily integrates with other systems such as IManage to create a fully digital practice environment.