1WordFlow helps banks deliver cost efficiencies, improve operational risk management and enhance digital delivery

The banking industry is navigating significant disruption - a rapidly changing competitive landscape and regulatory environment.

Delivering digital products and services that meet the expectations of customers is a key challenge.
Improving governance, risk and compliance is imperative to address expanding volume and complexity of regulations.

Managing Operational Risk and Compliance

Banks are pursuing an “outside-in” approach to applying regulation to their policies – manually identifying how regulation affects policies and procedures.

1WordFlow Comply is the solution.

1WordFlow Comply automatically assesses the impact of regulation from the “Inside-Out” – eliminating costly and error prone manual comparison of regulations and policies.

Transforms every policy and regulation into digital webpages, each with its own URL and tag cloud.

Integrates policies and procedures with learning and attestation – as all documents are standardised on a common, digital platform.

Identifies what topics are discussed in every policy and regulatory page

Enables identification of regulatory obligations and necessary changes to policies and procedures

Delivering an end-to-end Digital Customer Experience

Banks have invested heavily in creating a seamless digital customer experience at the front end. But when it comes to the documentation behind every bank product and service – that’s where the digital experience ends.

1WordFlow Transform delivers web documents in real time.

1WordFlow transform automatically converts Disclosure Statements and other product documents to web documents in real time – creating an end to end digital CX.


Customers access their documents online, 24/7, on any device, and in any language.

Enhanced CX

With fully digital PDS and other documents, the customer experience is enhanced.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Banks can distribute PDS updates online – quickly and cost effectively – eliminating manual distribution processes

Improved Compliance

Digital distribution of product information improves compliance measurement.