The world’s best digital governments have embraced digital documents.

Today’s citizens and businesses want their government to deliver services that are easy to use, simple to access, and reliable.’

They want government agencies to use technology to deliver services in the same way the private sector does.

Digitising content is imperative for governments to improve customer service, increase transparency and transform service delivery.

But many government agencies continue to deliver their documents in Word and PDF – analogue formats – attached to websites.

Attaching these analogue documents to websites is not true digital delivery. The world’s best digital governments have embraced digital documents – to improve service and increase transparency.

1WordFlow Transform is the cloud-based service that automatically converts Word and PDF documents into digital documents – enriched web and intranet pages.

We enable agencies to transform their vast repositories of documents to digital format – quickly, accurately and cost effectively.


Converts a 100-page document into a 100-page website in 2 minutes


Delivers content directly to all popular Content Management Systems

Cloud Based

Implementation is simple. No need for technical infrastructure


Works with hundreds of pages through to hundreds of thousands

Cost Effective

Staff save time wasted looking for analogue documents

ROI Focussed

Immediate reduction in time wasted looking for documents

The 1WordFlow Government Solution Suite helps agencies transform service delivery

Policies and Procedures

Policies Re-Imagined transforms policies and procedures into dynamic, enriched web pages, accessible anywhere, on any device, in over 100 languages.

Online Publishing

Transform automatically converts Word and PDF documents – service information, guidelines, regulations, to enriched, mobile enabled web pages, eliminating downloads.

Meeting Management

Egenda transforms meeting papers into fully-interactive, secure websites, available anywhere and on any device. With no per user licence fees, Egenda is affordable for agencies of any size.

Transform the customer experience with Digital Insurance Contracts – our cloud based service is fast to implement.

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