Engaging a multilingual audience

The Challenge

Your audience is multilingual
But translating all your content is expensive

English is the world’s most widely spoken language but the vast majority of speakers are not ‘native’.

Of the approximately 1.5 billion people who speak English, less than 400 million use it as a first language.

In Australia alone, 26% of households do not speak English at home.

The implications for businesses presenting information online are profound.

There is a very real need for all content to be available in the language of the customers’ choice. 

Few organisations can afford to translate their entire knowledge base into multiple languages, and keep this information up to date.

The Solution

1WordFlow Transform

This is where 1WordFlow comes in.

Firstly, we automatically transform all your Word and PDF documents to web format.

This is fast and effective – with 1WordFlow Transform 100 Word or PDF pages are transformed to a web format in minutes.

Then as part of the digitisation process, we transform any page into any one of 100 languages in a single click.

Case Study

Helping Injured Workers Access Critical Information in their Native Language

A major organisation providing services to injured workers had a vast repository of tribunal decisions in PDF formats.

Injured workers and their representatives could only review precedents by downloading and reading through long PDFS.

Over 60% of workers seeking the organisation’s assistance spoke English as a second language.

The organisation wanted to make information accessible in web format and in the language of choice.

How 1WordFlow Helped

1WordFlow Transform converted 10,000  pages of PDF content directly into searchable, dynamic web pages in just three weeks.

As web pages, all decisions could be easily searched, enabling workers and their advocates to go directly to the page they needed, with no downloads or scrolling through long documents.

Our enrichment technology enabled workers for whom English was not their native tongue to immediately translate content into any one of over 100 languages.

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