As we continue to adjust to the challenges of remote working - are your people:

  • Putting your business at risk by downloading sensitive documents to their laptops?
  • Struggling to get access to the critical documents they need to do their work?
  • Wasting valuable time navigating your intranet from their slow home networks?

1WordFlow has the solution.

Document Ark allows your business to keep operating securely without skipping a beat.

It’s simple.

Step 1  –  Authorised staff upload key policy and support information to your Ark.

Step 2  –  Our software digitises these documents, transforming them into secure, dynamic web pages.

Step 3  –  Staff simply access the URL to retrieve the desired information.

And best of all – The Document Ark is a secure, cloud based service implemented for your key documents in just weeks.

Transform the customer experience with Digital Insurance Contracts – our cloud based service is fast to implement.

Thank You. We will be in touch directly to schedule your demo.

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