Digitising Documents at Scale

The Challenge

Attaching Word and PDF documents to a web page is not a digital experience

Most organisations today agree that they need to provide a digital customer experience.

But they mistakenly believe that attaching their old Word and PDF documents to a webpage is digital.

It is not.

Word and PDF documents require long downloads, are often out of date, and provide a poor customer experience on a mobile device.

Truly digital companies transform their knowledge base into digital web pages.

Until now there has been no solution to be able to achieve this affordably and at scale…

The Solution

1WordFlow Transform

1WordFlow Transform is powering the transition to digital documents.

Our cloud-based service automatically transforms Word and PDF
documents into enriched web and intranet pages – at scale.
100 pages of content becomes 100 pages of digital web format in minutes.

Instant Navigation

The table of contents becomes the navigation for the web page

Automatic Classification

All key terms are classified in a tag cloud on every page

Simple Pagination

Eliminates scrolling through long pages of content


Instantly created with pop up definitions of key terms


All links to related documents automatically preserved

Automatic Translation

Over 100 languages

1WordFlow Transform is:

A 100-page document becomes a 100-page website or intranet pages in 2-3 minutes

We deliver content directly to all popular Content Management Systems – SharePoint, WordPress, Drupal etc

Cloud Based

Implementation is simple. No need for technical infrastructure

User Friendly

No technical skill is required. If you can use Word, you can use 1WordFlow Transform.


The software works for small business through to large enterprises.

Rapid ROI

1WordFlow takes a fraction of the time and cost of manual methods.

Case Study

Helping Injured Workers Access Critical Information

A major organisation providing services to injured workers had a vast repository of thousands of tribunal decisions made over many years in PDF formats.

Injured workers and their representatives could only review precedents by downloading and reading through inaccessible PDFS.

The organisation’s goal was to make this information easily accessible in web format to support injured workers in seeking compensation.

The truly scarce resources now are the time, the talent, and the energy of the people in your organization

How 1WordFlow Helped

  • 1WordFlow Transform converted the entire library of 10,000 PDF pages directly into searchable, dynamic web pages.
  • Workers and their lawyers could to go directly to the decision and the page they needed.
  • The conversion was completed in just three weeks.
  • 1WordFlow eliminated downloads and scrolling through long documents.
  • As web pages, all decisions were classified and tagged and easily searched.
  • The 60% of workers for whom English was a second language could immediately translate content into their native tongue.

Unleash Your Team’s Productive Power

The truly scarce resources now are the time, the talent, and the energy of the people in your organization

Find out how 1WordFlow Transform can digitise your documents at scale 

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