1WordFlow - the fast, accurate, cost effective solution to digitising documents – at scale

Digitisation – at its simplest – means the conversion of analogue information into digital information.

But digitisation has not been undertaken evenly in organisations – the focus has been very much on the digital front end of the customer experience.

Too often, digitising documents is an afterthought. Most organisations simply attach their Word or PDF documents to a web page – and assume this is digital.

This is a poor customer experience.  Your customers cannot complete an interaction online, or access the necessary information.  Too often they  have to download long documents.

Why do organisations take this approach?

Because until now, there has not been an easy solution to digitising documents at scale.

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The Solution

Introducing 1WordFlow Transform

Our cloud-based service automatically transforms Word and PDF documents into enriched web and intranet pages – at scale.
100 pages of content becomes 100 pages of digital web format in minutes.

How 1WordFlow Transform works

1WordFlow Transform - Automatic Digitisation and Enrichment

Automatic Classification

Tag cloud on every page – go directly to the content you need

Built in Glossaries

Instantly created with pop up definitions of key terms


Table of contents automatically converted to the navigation for every page

All Links Preserved

Internal and external links automatically preserved on conversion to HTML


Eliminates scrolling through long pages of content


Instant translation into any one of 100 languages

1WordFlow Transform is:

A 100-page document becomes a 100-page website or intranet pages in 2-3 minutes

We deliver content directly to all popular Content Management Systems – SharePoint, WordPress, Drupal etc

Cloud Based

Implementation is simple. No need for technical infrastructure

User Friendly

No technical skill is required. If you can use Word, you can use 1WordFlow Transform.


The software works for small business through to large enterprises.

Rapid ROI

1WordFlow takes a fraction of the time and cost of manual methods.

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