Data Extraction

1WordFlow Reveal – Scalable Data Extraction from Word and PDF

For the past 30 years, organisations have been creating information in Word documents, scanning as PDFs and storing in their Document Management Systems.

Vital information is trapped in scanned documents, making it difficult to extract key information – names, corporate entities, trust information, etc.

Extracting this data to meet regulatory requirements and to inform decision making is highly problematic

  • Extraction is expensive, manual and error prone
  • Zonal OCR extraction doesn’t address variable data points
  • There are no links between related content
  • Reconciliation of extracted data is problematic


The Solution

Introducing 1WordFlow Reveal
Solving the Data Extraction Challenge

Our powerful rules engine uploads and automatically converts scanned source documents to enriched web pages, enabling data to be extracted, analysed, and reported.

1WordFlow Reveal Diagram

1WordFlow Reveal is:

An end to end service

Digitisation, extraction, standardised presentation (in web format) and reporting in a single solution

Simple to Use

Designed for the non-technical user. Reveal combines OCR with modern web tools for presentation and analysis

Cloud Based

Customers require no infrastructure. Users simply upload documents using a friendly web interface and Reveal transforms and extracts the information to a secure website

Scalable for Large Volumes of Content

Reveal works at scale, aggregating all documents into a single web location.

Transform the customer experience with Digital Insurance Contracts – our cloud based service is fast to implement.

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