Covid-19 Communications -Taking Back Control


The need for clear, timely and accessible information on Covid-19 is imperative. Every government is continuously pumping out information about Covid-19.

The one place people go to is the Web. But everywhere, people are confused about what to do and what it means to them.

One of the major reasons is that most Covid-19 information is buried in PDFs attached to websites. These documents must be downloaded. They are:

  • Not targeted
  • Not mobile enabled, and
  • Not multilingual

The Federal Government in Australia has published a 56 page report on how they are responding to COVID-19 – available only as a download.

And the Health Department has no fewer than 19 PDFs on COVID-19 resources. Try reading one of these vital documents on your mobile – it is not easy.

In winning any battle, communication is everything, yet we are going into this fight with one hand tied behind our backs.

And this is where 1WordFlow comes in.

Our unique technology transforms a 100-page document into 100-webpages in around 2 minutes.

This provides the viewer with instant secure web-access to:

  • Any page
  • Of any document
  • On any device, and
  • In any language

In fighting Covid-19 we need the most potent weapons:

  • All information in a single place – the website
  • No downloads and no scrolling
  • Instant translation into 100 languages
  • Optimised for mobile
  • Instant searches across all pages
  • For those with a disability, we need increased font size and text to speech

For the public, 1WordFlow provides a friendly user experience where information is easy to access and understand.

For providers of information, 1WordFlow works with popular web platforms, and gets your content online in hours, not days.

We’re cloud-based and fast to implement.

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