Contract Power

Contract Power

Customer Contracts for a Digital World

Every day, around the world, companies create millions of individual contracts for customers in much the same way they have for decades.
Contracts for purchases such as mobile phones, utilities, insurance, and internet, for example.

And it’s still a semi manual process of combining data from multiple sources:

  • Variable data – Information specific to the customer such as name, address etc
  • Static Data – Standard terms and conditions, common to every contract
  • Jurisdictional Data – Information specific to a region

Once assembled, the contract is converted to PDF and emailed to the customer.
This process is:

The Solution

Introducing Contract Power by 1WordFlow Dynamic Contract Creation in Minute

Our unique solution creates a web-based digital Contract in minutes.

Contract Power reduces cost and transforms the customer experience.

Here’s how it works:

Contract Power Creates a Truly Digital Customer Experience

Instant Access
to a Digital

No more waiting for a PDF contract attached to an email

All Contracts
in a Single

Customers simply login to a secure portal to access all their contracts and contract history in one location

Mobile optimised, multi-lingual and accessible

Contract Power is mobile-friendly, enables instant transactions and is accessible for customers with visual impairment

Significant Cost Savings for the Business

Removes costly, inefficient manual processes

Works for
All Forms of

Contract power easily manages any type of customer contract


Creates opportunities to frequently and cost effectively engage with customers

Contract Power is fast to implement, cloud based, completely scalable and available now.

Transform the customer experience with Digital Insurance Contracts – our cloud based service is fast to implement.

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