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How Axi transformed Policies and Procedures management

The Company

  • Founded in 2007
  • Trusted global top 10 broker
  • Over 60,000 customers in 100 countries
  • Over $2.5 trillion of trades in 2020.
  • Holds top tier financial trading licenses in many jurisdictions around the world.
  • Outstanding trading service has been recognised with industry awards.

The Challenge

Obtaining timely information is critical for Axi’s global Margin FX/CFD business.

Axi recognised its approach to disseminating its internal policies and procedures did not align to its digital strategy nor support the growing needs of the business.

Internal documents were primarily stored and accessed in PDF format.

To perform a function such as searching a key term across the library of PDF documents was simply not possible under this approach.

These standalone PDF documents created a hand-break effect on the capacity of staff to obtain answers quickly. It was apparent that a better solution was needed which supported the needs of the end user.

The Solution - 1WordFlow Policies Re-Imagined

1WordFlow Policies Re-imagined transformed how Axi manages policies and procedures, ensuring all staff have access to every document, on any device, in any location and in over 100 languages.

Axi staff now enjoy:

  • A unified system in one location
    Before 1WordFlow, Axi staff needed to navigate multiple systems to access and download the information. 
    1WordFlow has brought all information into a single location. Staff simply login to 1WordFlow through a friendly console for immediate access to the information they need.
  • One Standard Format and No More Downloads
    Rather than navigate multiple incompatible analogue formats – Word and PDF – 1WordFlow standardises the presentation of all documents as friendly digital webpages.
  • Every Page One Click Away
    Staff can now go directly to the desired page of content. Every page has a URL and is instantly accessible.
  • All Related Content Linked
    Related documents are linked, enabling staff to access, for example, a related procedure from a policy document with a single click.

The Results

  • Instant access to up to date policies and procedures from a single location.
  • Search all policies and procedures with a single click.
  • Every jurisdiction can now go directly to the relevant policies and procedures with no downloads.

“At Axi we are delighted with the impact 1WordFlow has had on our policies and procedures management. The implementation process was fast and efficient. The user interface is extremely friendly, and our Compliance staff have quickly become expert at publishing our documents using the 1WordFlow console. Policies Re-imagined has transformed this key aspect of our business. We’re saving time, acting on the right information, and given our users a great experience”.