1WordFlow  helps banks improve Oprisk management and Digital Delivery

The banking industry is navigating unprecedented disruption – a rapidly changing competitive landscape and regulatory environment. 

Delivering digital products and services that meet the expectations of customers is a key challenge.   

At the same time banks are focused on improving their governance, risk and compliance to address an expanding volume of regulations. 

Managing Operational Risk and Compliance

1WordFlow transforms how banks manage OpRisk with a new approach to assessing the impact of regulation

1WordFlow helps banks manage operational risk with a new approach to assessing the impact of regulation on banking operations.

Banking institutions are perpetuating an outside in approach to applying regulation to their policies. They are manually identifying how regulation affects every policy and procedure.

This approach is inefficient and error prone.

And most importantly it is not repeatable or scalable – every time a new regulation is announced, or a change implemented – financial institutions follow the same time consuming, costly manual process.

A new approach is long overdue.  

1WordFlow Comply assesses the impact of regulation from the “Inside out”.
Comply integrates the four elements of regulatory compliance.

1WordFlow Comply is repeatable and scalable.
Every time a regulatory change is announced it is simply compared to the digital knowledge base of the institution.

  • Transforms every policy and regulation into digital webpages, each with its own URL and tag cloud.
  • Integrates policies and procedures with learning and attestation – as all documents are standardised on a common, digital platform.
  • Identifies what topics are discussed in every policy and regulatory page
  • Enables identification of regulatory obligations and necessary changes to policies and procedures

Delivering Digital Products and Services

Transform automatically converts Disclosure Statements and other product documents to enriched, dynamic web pages.

Banks have invested heavily in creating a seamless digital customer experience at the front end.

But when it comes to the documentation behind every bank product and service- that’s where the digital experience ends.

Product and Disclosure documentation is still trapped in analogue formats – Word and PDF documents.

This is a poor customer experience. Customers are forced into long downloads of PDFs that were never designed for an online or mobile use.

Worse still, customers are frequently required to accept terms and conditions that are almost impossible to read.

1WordFlow Transform delivers digital documents

How 1WordFlow Transform works

With 1WordFlow, your customers have a truly end to end digital experience – from the web front end all the way through to documentation.

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