Why Organisations should digitise their Policies and Procedures

Digital Documents

Digitisation of important documents has become extremely crucial as organisations strive to bring order to the chaos that has resulted from the unprecedented amounts of information that they create.  Driven by the need to achieve greater operational efficiencies, increase productivity and improve compliance, organisations are now trying to convert important documents, such as the company […]

Shining a Light – Tech for Transparency

Government Transparency

At 1WordFlow we were delighted to hear about the new Federal Government’s commitment to transparency. And yet, while the transparency portal https://www.transparency.gov.au has been in place for several years, its repository of PDF downloads is anything but transparent. Finding required content on the portal requires downloading and scrolling through documents sometimes 500 or more pages […]

Conquering the Regulation Nightmare


RegulationCity’s digital twin technology is the solution for insurers struggling with endless regulation. The article in Insurance Business highlights how digital web documents for insurance, are obsoleting PDFs, by providing 1-click web access to any page of any regulation without downloading. They draw a very apt analogy with the movie business, where Netflix streaming obsoleted […]

What’s the problem with PDF?

PDF is an unevolved document dinosaur and it really should be extinct. Yet daily there are organisations everywhere relying heavily on PDF, or “portable document format” files, for online sharing and email distribution of critical information. Research by Nielsen Norman Group identified “the PDF problem” early on and notes that almost a quarter of a […]