Aligning Training to Policy

The Challenge

In every industry, regulations change frequently. Policies and procedures must change to reflect new requirements.

In most organisations, aligning regulations, polices and training is a time consuming, manual process:

When a regulation changes, identifying how this change impacts policies is by manual comparison.

And when a policy changes, notification is typically via email – where it often fades from view and follow up is ineffective.

Many organisations struggle with these 3 fundamental questions:

  1. How do you keep your people up to date with new policies and procedures that align with regulations?

  2. How do you ensure that your people have easy access online to training opportunities to keep their knowledge current?

  3. How do you measure compliance with new regulations?

The Solution

Policies Re-imagined – Training Module

1WordFlow Policies Re-imagined integrates the four key elements of Policies, Regulation, Training and Compliance.

The Training Module of Policies Re-imagined enables your organisation to embed training content at the page level of every policy and procedure.

Employees now can test their understanding at any time, and on any page. Results are instantly available to the employee and the organisation to measure comprehension.

Policies Re-imagined

Automatically converts all your policy and procedure documents to dynamic searchable web pages, ensuring employees have instant access to up to date policies anywhere and on any device.

Each time a policy or procedure is updated, updating is a simple process of uploading to the Policies Console and publishing directly to the Policies Re-imagined site.

No technical skill is required - 1WordFlow converts the policy document to digital format and automatically outputs the content to the selected location in your policies site.


Classifies and tags all common terms between policies and regulation. Automatically highlights how and where policies and procedures are impacted by regulatory change.

Enables page by page comparison of regulations and policies, showing where key terms appear.

Enables access to training materials directly from the policy document.

Case Study

Measuring Credit Risk Management Knowledge in Insurance

A major insurance company wanted to enhance learning opportunities for staff in the area of credit risk management.

Prior to engaging 1WordFlow, the organisation’s policies were stored in PDF format on the intranet.

When regulations changed, assessing their impact on policies was a manual process.

The Learning Management System was managed separately, and opportunities to test knowledge at the policy level were non -existent.

5 - Aligning Training with Policy Case Study 4-min

How 1WordFlow Helped

1WordFlow implemented Policy Comply, transforming how  policies and training material were managed. 

Policies and procedures automatically converted to digital format.

Staff can test knowledge at any time and immediately see their results.

Relevant regulation converted into easily accessible digital web format.

Test results automatically aggregated for management reporting.

Learning modules digitised and embedded in every policy.

30% improvement in comprehension in the first 3 months.

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