Aged Care

Aged Care

The Aged Care sector is facing unique pressures

Key Statistics

  • 5 Million People aged over 70 by 2040
  • 400,000 Additional carers needed by 2040
  • $57 billion Capex needed by 2040
  • $17.7 billion 5 Year spending commitment
The recommendations of the Final Report of the Aged Care Royal Commission are designed to establish an aged care system “that will consistently deliver high-quality aged care”. Key to achieving high-quality care is an engaged and skilled workforce. Aged care providers will need to equip their workforce to navigate the changes that new regulations will require.

There is a simple measure that Aged Care providers can take, in 2021, to get a head start on the coming regulatory changes, and

  • Enhance workforce engagement
  • Improve the quality of care, and
  • Instantly assess the impact of regulatory change on their policies and

Introducing Polices Re-imagined from 1WordFlow

1WordFlow – Powering the Transition to Digital Documents for Aged Care

1WordFlow’s unique technology digitises all key documents and provides all stakeholders with a personalised, filtered web-based view of key information on any device and in any language.

1WordFlow solutions enable Aged Care Providers to deliver:


Secure digital contracts instantly accessible to all stakeholders

Improved Compliance

Full integration of policies, learning, attestation and reporting.

Improved Resident Care

Instant web access to all required information online, on any device

Lower Operating Costs

Less time wasted by staff time searching for documents

Lower Operational Risk

Instant access for staff to up-to-date policies - in any language

Automatic Translation

Over 100 languages

1WordFlow Aged Care Solution Suite

Policies and Procedures

Policies Re-imagined automatically transforms policies and procedures into dynamic enriched web pages, accessible anywhere, on any device, in over 100 languages. Fully integrated with the relevant LMS to test learning and compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

Comply – Automatically maps of regulatory obligations to policies & procedures, enabling providers to quickly assess the impact of regulations on policies and procedures, eliminating slow, manual comparison.

Resident Contract Management

Contract Power - Produces a resident contract in minutes. Automatically combines variable and static data from multiple systems to deliver a web based resident contract, concurrently with PDF version for download.

Online Publishing

Transform automatically converts Word and PDF documents into web pages – at scale - guides, handbooks, regulations, training materials. A 100-page document becomes 100 web pages in minutes.

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