Accessing Your Critical Documents Remotely

Keep your business operating securely - without skipping a beat.

Covid-19 has forced businesses everywhere to quickly move to remote working to ensure business continuity.

And while we have tools like Zoom, Slack and email to communicate, organisations are simply not prepared when it comes to the critical documents that are the engine room of every business – policies, procedures, manuals, product information etc.

It’s frustrating enough at the office.

But when you’re working from home, the problems are magnified.

Long downloads, searching multiple systems.

And, as documents are downloaded, security and version management are compromised – putting your business at risk.

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The Solution

1WordFlow Documents on Demand

Our unique technology automatically transforms your critical documents into webpages.

Your policies, procedures, manuals etc are available online, on demand, on mobile.

Key information is instantly accessible to remote workers on any device, and in any language.

It’s fast – We convert 100 pages in just minutes.

Documents on Demand is simple to implement – in 3 easy steps

Step 1 – Identify your key documents

Select the policies, procedures, manuals etc – that are the engine room of your business and must be easily accessible by your remote workers.

Step 2 – Upload your documents into our Cloud

Our friendly user interface makes this task simple. Our software digitises these documents, transforming them into secure, dynamic web pages.

Step 3 – Access your Digital Documents in the cloud

1 Click to any page. No downloads or scrolling. Secure. Full version control.

1WordFlow Documents on Demand is a secure cloud based service – implemented for your key documents in just days.

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