Accelerating Digital Documents


Sadly, it took a pandemic for many organisations to realise that Business as Usual when managing their corporate knowledge was simply not good enough. Protecting legacy investments in aged document management systems, denying staff easy access to digital documents, may have sufficed when accessing these systems from the office was the norm.

Fast forward to compulsory remote working and BAU is no longer effective.

Organisations were simply not prepared when it comes to the critical documents that are the engine room of every business – policies, procedures, manuals, product information etc.

It was frustrating enough for staff at the office, finding the right information.

But working from home, the problems are magnified. Staff trying to navigate a clunky intranet to download and scroll through a long PDF, or searching through multiple systems to find the right version.

And, as documents are downloaded onto home computers, security and version management are compromised – putting your business at risk.

This is the ideal time to move to digital documents – eliminating PDF downloads from intranets, eliminating version control issues, and ensuring staff have access to the most up to date version of every document they need to do their jobs.

This is 1WordFlow’s DNA. Our unique technology automatically transforms Word and PDF documents into webpages at scale. This makes key information instantly available in the Cloud to remote workers. And it’s fast. We convert 100 pages in just minutes.

We’ve been implementing Document Ark during the lockdown to help businesses ensure that their key information is instantly accessible. It is a simple process:

Step 1 – Identify your key documents

Step 2 – Upload your documents into our Cloud where they are transformed into digital web pages.

Step 3 – Access your documents in your Digital Ark. No more downloads or scrolling. 1 click to any page. Full version control. Instant translation and automatic links to related documents.

We’ve enabled organisations to implement digital documents in weeks, not months. Covid-19 has forced companies to move quickly to support staff at home to ensure business continuity. Technology decisions that have been bubbling away for years are now being made in weeks. Digital documents are no longer an option – they are an imperative.

Transform the customer experience with Digital Insurance Contracts – our cloud based service is fast to implement.

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