1WordFlow is a 2020 Finnies Finalist


1WordFlow is delighted to have been shortlisted in the financial services industry’s premier Awards – The Finnies.

Two of our products – Policies Re-imagined and Policy Power – have been shortlisted in the Insurtech Innovation category. This is especially exciting with such a strong field.

Policies Re-Imagined – Unique and Transformative

The first truly Digital Policy Management System and GRC Platform.

The software transforms policies into digital webpages, each with its own URL. This enables staff to instantly access any page, of any policy, on any device, in any language, at any time…anywhere in the world. There are no downloads.

Policy owners simply upload policies into our cloud, where they are transformed into digital webpages in minutes. Staff log into the policy site using a browser and instantly click to any page. The software also digitises training/compliance content.

Find out more at https://1wordflow.info/inaccessible-policies-and-procedures/

Policy Power – Digital Efficiency and Great Customer Experience

Creating The World’s First Truly Digital Insurance Contract.

Each year, insurers create millions of customer policies in much the same way they have for decades. Creating these contracts is a tedious process involving the combining of 3 sets of data:

  • Variable policyholder data from the Policy system.
  • Standard T’s and C’s generated in Word/PDF format.
  • Jurisdiction information specific to a region/authority.

Policy Power has completely re-invented the Insurance Contract in 2 unique ways:

  • Digital Contract – Policy Power digitises the content and presents the Contract as a series of webpages.
  • Real-time assembly – Via an API feed, Policy Power sources and injects the variable data from the Policy system and combines it with the digital static and jurisdictional data in real time.

Find out more at https://1wordflow.info/digital-contracts/

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